August 11, 2010

The Next Potential Pandemic of Paranoia

Alliteration, good stuff.

Globalization is a marvelous thing. We can literally circumnavigate the world in perhaps a day, we can talk to people around the world in an instant. Information, technology, ideas, culture, all of these things can be exchanged and and truly makes humanity seem closer to 'the human race' as opposed to 'white, black, chinese, indian, etc... The unfortunate side effect of this

So you will recall my article about swine flu. Based on its genetic structure and other factors, it was unlikely to have been a serious threat save to people with compromised immune systems. It simply did not have the genetic pedigree to be a 'killer'. That in combination with a quick government response and a general paranoia about getting sick effectively cut off the disease before it could take hold and further mutate into something more deadly. This is all a moot point of course as most experts agree that we as humanity are severely overdue for a massive pandemic that would kill many people...

In case you guys thought swine flu was gone by the way, cases have popped up in India. Witha death toll reaching as high as 29. Much like many other kinds of diseases, once it comes to light it is still with us forever more. Even the Bubonic plague, otherwise known as the Black Death, which killed off a solid third of the world's population, still exists today in isolated pockets, particularly in the American Southwest.

Speaking of forgotten pandemics. Does anyone remember bird flu? Those few months were whenever we saw a dead bird we skirted away...and when chicken breasts suddenly became much cheaper? That strain is still around traveling between birds. Scientists are trying to track it and its evolution, though how well that will work is still open for debate. Just to be sure, and of course increase paranoia, scientists have created a new strain of Bird flu thats much more virulent in humans (however they did it in such a way as would be doable, viable, even probable in non-lab conditions). These viruses are changing and evolving rapidly, such that neither our immune system, nor our use of antibiotics, can keep up with them. Pleasant dreams

I meanwhile will be eating peanuts at the bar, and trying to breath in coughs, as well as shaking hands with people and generally trying to be a social entity. Since with most illnesses you have to have direct exposure.

It will be FOR SCIENCE after all.

In other news, there's officially a minifridge that gets close to absolute zero....where was this when I needed a cold beer right away?

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